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ESX Swap on NFS or Not?

Scott Lowe recently linked to a VMware KB article entitled Storing swap files on VMFS when running virtual machines from NFS. The article (from 3/31/2008) is perhaps the latest word from VMware in the frustrating back-and-forth on whether placing an ESX VM’s swap on NFS is acceptable or not.
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Quick and Dirty VMware ESX Patching

On the ESX console, do the following:

  • Read the documentation for each patch.
  • Group patches that can be installed together into a directory, possibly an NFS mount available on all your ESX hosts.
  • Cd into the patch directory and untar the patches:

    for i in `ls *.tgz`; do
    tar -xvzf $i

  • Install the patches:

    for i in `ls`; do
    if [ -d $i ]; then
    cd $i
    esxupdate --noreboot update
    cd ..

  • Reboot.

Running FreeBSD 6.3 on VMware ESX (Updated)

So, you recognize that FreeBSD isn’t officially supported on VMware ESX, but you want to give it a try anyway? Here’s what I did to get it installed, with VMware Tools and using e1000 Ethernet drivers:

Installation was for the most part straightforward – I chose “Other” for the operating system type, and allocated resources like I would for pretty much any other operating system. The install from an NFS-mounted ISO image worked fine; I’ve only run into two issues so far: Installing VMware Tools and changing the Ethernet drivers from the default Lance drivers.
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