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VMware/NFS/NetApp SnapRestore/Linux LVM Single File Recovery Notes

There have been a few posts elsewhere discussing file-level recovery for Linux VMs on NetApp NFS datastores, but none that have dealt specifically with Linux LVM-encapsulated partitions.

Here’s our in-house procedure for recovery; note that we do not have FlexClone licensed on our filers.
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Duplicity to Amazon S3 on FreeBSD: Building on the work of others

(This post adds only a couple small details to work described at randys.org and cenolan.com – go there for background on this post and useful scripts for automated Duplicity backup to S3.)

First off, if you want to use Duplicity installed from FreeBSD Ports to backup to Amazon S3, be sure to also install the devel/py-boto and security/pinentry-curses ports.

If you attempt to run the backup script described at randys.org or cenolan.com from cron, you may run into an error similar to the following:
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