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Filling in the Missing Parts of NetApp’s API

Late last year, NetApp released long-overdue Python and Ruby support in their SDK, officially known as the NetApp Manageability SDK. The SDK download is – oddly and unfortunately – still buried behind a paywall, and you have to submit a web form about how you plan to use it to get access to the download; otherwise it’s available to all.

But perhaps there’s good reason for hiding the download away: There are still large gaps in the API. For instance, say you want to change the security mode of a qtree? You’re out of luck. (Makes one wonder how NetApp implements this functionality in OnCommand System Manager – are they eating their own dogfood?)

That said, if you’re willing to venture off the beaten (and supported) path, you can use the undocumented system-cli API call. Here’s how I’m using it in a Python wrapper I’m working on that makes the SDK feel a little bit less like handling thinly-varnished XML:
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